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Martin TruexJr Foundation


The Martin Truex Jr. Foundation (MTJF) was started in 2007 by NASCAR Sprint Cup Series driver Martin Truex Jr. and long-time girlfriend, Sherry Pollex. The foundation exists through the generosity of donors, partners and corporate sponsors passionate about our mission to help support underfunded cancer initiatives specific to ovarian and childhood cancers, and assist the individuals and families affected by them.

In 2014 the Martin Truex Jr. Pediatric Care Center at Southern Ocean Medical Center opened in Martin’s home state of New Jersey. We also became new members of the Coalition Against Childhood Cancer (CAC2), a collaborative network of organizations and individuals supporting and serving the childhood cancer community.

IIn 2015, the Martin Truex Jr. Foundation begins a three-year partnership with Levine Children’s Hospital in Charlotte, North Carolina. We have provided a clinical trial nurse practitioner to assist to assist in up to five new trials specific to childhood cancer, and it is the hope that Levine Children’s Hospital will also be the lead on one to two of these studies leading to breakthrough treatments. This campaign will also include the addition of an infusion bay to enable administration of treatment that is more convenient for the families.


In 2014 Tarheel Media Systems, LLC start Providing AV Production Service and Labor & Logistic for the foundation. Along with our Professional partner Mark Zenow President, Cord Management and Cook Rentals. In 2016 the Foundation Raised $340,000 at there 2016 event .

Tarheel Media Systems, LLC and Cord Management look forward in working with the Foundation this year. To learn more about the Foundations Please Click the Link below.

Tarheel Media Systems, LLC Office: 704-918-5732 Email:

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