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Bradley Yelton 

Tarheel Media Systems. Inc

President /CEO

Bradley has acted as lead Audio/Video  Technician and Technical Director for many corporate meeting events and concerts in North America. His areas of expertise include labor relations, venue specifications, and space logistics.
He  has a proven track record in many Professional Installation and Intergrations. 


Micheal Harding

Tarheel Media Systems, Inc

Operation/ Site  Manager & Event DJ

Micheal  transitioned into the  site Manger position in 2010. He has worked  on  various corporate Events  and  DJ many Party, Event and Weddings

Micheal brings creativity, passion and brilliance to corporate entertainment and DJ services 

Mark Zenow

President, Cord Management

 Executive Director

At Cord Management our top priority is providing each client with quality service for the highest return on investment. It’s that simple.


We take a personal interest in each project and treat it as if it were our own. We’re detail-oriented during planning, to prevent costly or embarrassing problems at execution.


Realizing the value of recommendations, we strive to make “word of mouth” our best form of advertising. 


Tarheel Media Systems, Inc

Audio / Video / Lighting Director

Samuel  transitioned into the Director position in 2013. He has toured with various national acts and broadway plays. Reggie brings creativity, passion and brilliance to corporate entertainment and theater.

Anas Ebraheem 

Tarheel Media Systems, Inc

Video/Network Director

Anas offers one of the most diverse skill-sets of our team as a Technical / Network Director, managing audio, video, graphics and on-site operations.

He previously  was the lead network Engineer for the US Army. 

Fero Ebraheem 

Tarheel Media Systems, Inc

Camera Engineer 


Fero  has a  creativity, passion out look and  bring brilliance

to corporate entertainment  he also bring a wealth of Knowledge  in the video Industry.


Tarheel Media Systems. Inc

Audio/video  Manager

Jackson manages all Audio/video functions related to the business and ensures everything is organized and running smoothly.

He  loves traveling to different show sites and jumps in with the crew whenever needed.      

Job site Crews

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