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Tarheel Media Systems, Inc specializes in anything from simple wireless music control systems to cinema-like home theater experiences in the luxury of your own home. Creating a dedicated entertainment room allows you to enjoy movies, sports, TV and video games like never before. You don’t need to have a huge space for a dedicated theater. Basements, garages or spare rooms make great theaters and Audio Video Integration will create a transformation you and your entire family will love! 


Tarheel Media Systems, Inc  approaches every new Home Theater Installation scientifically starting with the room itself. Dimensions and room shape greatly influence the sound coming from the speakers. Architects love our sophisticated computer programs that are used to design and lay out the room properly. Finally, we calibrate the audio system to maximize performance. 
We also specialize in home automation and control systems where anyone in the family can control their home's lighting, shades and curtains, AC, hot tubs and pools, garage doors, AV systems, and much more from their mobile devices creating a fun and enjoyable experience. 

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